International health insurance for individuals and families – your passport to global protection.

*  No medical questionnaires to answer in order to apply for cover
*  No permanent exclusions of all pre-existing medical conditions
*  No restrictive hospital lists – complete freedom of choice
*  No time restrictions on access to international helpline
*  Out of Area Emergency Medical Treatment

Ultracare Plan Benefits

Interglobal offer four international insurance plans ranging from in-patient medical treatment only, right through to a full refund for most in and out-patient medical treatment. These plans can be easily extended giving you additional cover and extra flexibility with optional Add-on-Plans that include travel, personal accident and maternity.

To learn more about your peace of mind cover just click on the Table of Benefits on the right side bar. You have instant access to the cost of your plan by clicking on Premiums with prices in Euros, Pounds or the U.S. Dollar. You can choose the area of cover from the descriptions below:

AREA 1: Europe (not available on the UltraCare Elite plan)
AREA 2: Worldwide but not including the USA
AREA 3: Worldwide including the USA

Choose from the following Interglobal medical insurance plans.

UltraCare Standard – Full in-patient and daycare treatment (excluding psychiatric treatment), organ transplant, hospital cash benefit and emergency evacuation and repatriation. UltraCare Standard Plan also includes red24 Advice Line.

UltraCare Select – Same benefits as UltraCare Standard Plan plus limited cover for out-patient treatment up to $5,100, cover for chronic medical conditions and terminal illness. UltraCare Select Plan includes red24 Advice Line.

UltraCare Comprehensive – Full in-patient and daycare treatment with cover for out-patient treatment up to $8,500, dental treatment and wellness benefits. UltraCare Comprehensive Plan includes red24 Action Response.

UltraCare Plus – All the benefits of the Comprehensive plan but with higher limits plus cover for in-patient psychiatric treatment. UltraCare Plus Plan included red 24 Action Response.

UltraCare Elite – This is the top of the line plan offering extras not found on the UltraCare Plus plan.
Click on the right side bar for more full details.

Other important benefits:

*  Freedom from the worry of the co-pay and deductible
*  Aside from a small administrative charge of $42.50 for each medical condition in each plan year for all out-patient medical treatment claims, including out-patient medical treatment for cancer care, chronic medical conditions and HIV or Aids there are no co-pays and deductibles (unless willingly chosen to reduce the premium) as in most U.S. medical insurance plans.
*  Freedom to choose to choose the medical facility of your choice

Unlike most U.S. medical insurance plans that use a “preferred provider network” restricting your choice of medical provider, Interglobal offer you the freedom of provider as follows:

Area 1 – Europe (not available on the UltraCare Elite plan)
Area 2 – Worldwide, not including the USA
Area 3 – Worldwide

*  All plans offer a no claims discount plan.
*  The following discounts will apply once the plan has been claim free for the amount of time shown.
*  For less than one plan year – no discount
*  For one plan year – 10% premium discount
*  For two plan years – 15% premium discount
*  For three or more plan years – 20% premium discount
*  The maximum no- claims discount is 20%

When you are ready to proceed just click on Application Form and download the form. When completed, the form should be mailed back to us at:
Consolidated Health, PO Box 1597, Columbia, CA 95310, USA.


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